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Two of our best selling breathalysers, suited to very different applications. Whether it’s for personal, Industrial or Law enforcement use, we cater for a variety of needs with calibration, training, and after-sales services available 👉


FAQ: Mark X

Q: Do breathalysers require recalibration?

A: Yes they do — the Mark X Calibration intervals, Standard test mode – once a year or 1000 positive tests (whichever comes first), Screening mode – once a year or 3500 positive tests (whichever comes first) 👍 That’s why it’s never been more important to choose a supplier with excellent after-sales service.


Alcovisor Mark X

The Alcovisor Mark X is one of the newest and most innovative fuel cell breathalysers on the market. Known for its speed, exceptional accuracy and the ability to retain calibration over thousands of tests; you’ll instantly improve the safety and productivity of your workforce. Discover more 👉