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Magicard Printers (Neo360 & P100 Neo)

With built-in visual security called HoloKote, our state-of-the-art Neo range prints a secure watermark on each cards surface making it impossible to clone. From full colour ID badges to membership cards and so much more; discover the Magicard 360 NEO and 100NEO printers online 👉 https://bit.ly/35zgA5t

Watchdog Doc20

Linking to any ONVIF compatible CCTV system via WiFi, the Watchdog DOC 20 offers the latest in mobile surveillance technology. Featuring a 2-inch LCD screen, 140’ wide-angle lens, and built-in GPS; this device will enhance the safety of both the public and security personnel 👉 https://bit.ly/3u5Y5j7

Magtouch Kit

Tough, robust and newly improved! After redesigning the baton to be smaller and more lightweight, the modified Magtouch boasts better portability while creating a more compact housing for the electronics. Offering a complete patrol monitoring system, shop this enhanced starter kit here 👉 https://bit.ly/3KRd6LB  

Garrett PD6500i

The Garrett PD6500i is the world’s highest-performing walk-through metal detector with uniform detection and precise pinpointing. With the ability to target concealed objects in 33 zones, its unmatched discrimination features will boost the safety and security of any size venue. Discover more 👉 https://bit.ly/36NcuaN 

WatchDog Doc 9

Featuring 64G storage capacity, a 140’ wide-angle lens, night vision and 12hrs of continuous recording at 1080p; the WatchDog DOC 9 is a revolutionary surveillance solution. Designed to raise overall safety by recording interactions and gathering security evidence; grab this state-of-the-art Body Worn Camera right here 👉 https://bit.ly/3hoCtXS

Alcohol Breathalysers

Ideal for industrial, law-enforcement, business or personal use, our expert range of alcohol breathalysers were designed to enhance the productivity and protection of any workforce. Offering after-sales services, calibration and training; explore and shop our full range online 👉 https://bit.ly/33YnX5X

Magicard 100Neo Kit

As the smallest, fastest and best quality ID card printer in its class, the powerful 100NEO was designed to exceed the expectations of today’s tech-savvy consumer. With built-in visual security called HoloKote, each card’s surface is printed with a secure watermark, making it impossible to clone 🙌 Including printer, dye film, cleaning tools and design […]

Watchdog Pro

                  A pioneer in wearable surveillance technology, the WatchDog Pro Live was tailor-made for law enforcement and high-end security applications. Featuring 64GB memory, a 120’ angle view, real-time streaming and 2-way audio; this device will enhance safety and improve interactions between security personnel and the public 👉 […]