40th year Anniversary

Founded by Elayne Tranter (Chairman) in 1979, we are very proud to be celebrating our 40th year in business! To show gratitude to our loyal customers we are offering the following discounts throughout the month of November:

○ 20% off – WatchDog Body Worn Camera

○ 15% off – Garrett Superwand, Garrett Superscanner V, Garrett Superscanner & Garrett THD Hand-Held Detectors

○ 15% off – Mark X & Alcofind Breathalysers 

○ 5% off – Garrett PD6500i Walk-Through Detector

○ 10% off – Mercury Breathalyse

○ Discounts on the Enduro Neo Duo Kit and Rio Neo Duo Kit 

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This special is for South African based companies only.

All pricing excludes VAT.

Pricing does not include delivery or installations if required.

Mark X

Looking for meticulous breathalyser results delivered in seconds? The Alcovisor Mark X uses an advanced electrochemical alcohol sensor to ensure accurate results every time. Incredibly easy-to-use with a device battery that lasts for more than 500 tests in one go. Get a quote today:

Metal Detectors

High quality hand held metal detectors to suit your security needs. From world-class sensitivity features to sleek ergonomic design, and all under one roof:

ID card printers

Speedy, user-friendly ID card printing for your medium-sized business. From Magicard to Fargo, we supply a wide range of ID card printing solutions to suit your budget and security requirements:


Striving to provide your customers with the best identification and safety solutions on the market? We’re looking for resellers and distributors on the African continent interested in joining our team. It only takes 30 seconds to apply:


A patrol system solution for the digital revolution.  By mounting ID points to any object, you can monitor patrol checkpoints quick and effortlessly. Including immediate reports of what has been checked, on which day and at what time. Magtouch desktop starter kit includes the Magtouch baton and pouch, 10 ID points and 10 ID holders:

Watchdog DOC9

Have an extra set of eyes on board with WatchDog. The tamper-proof Doc 9 surveillance camera provides high-quality body-worn recording with a storage capacity of 64GB. Get your quote today:


Become a part of our African team today. We’re on the lookout for organisations who are interested in becoming suppliers of leading safety and security solutions. Don’t miss this opportunity, apply online today:

ID card printers

Looking for a cost-effective ID card printing solution? We stock a wide range of entry-level printers that provide professional-quality colour badges and ID cards with ease. Don’t delay, get printing today:

ID Card Printers

Incorporating cutting edge technology to meet all your printing needs! From simple to secure, our professional ID card printing range provides high quality printing you can reply on. Get your quote today: