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The Watchdog Pro is a high-end full HD Body Worn Camera solution tailor-made for law enforcement. Featuring 2GB RAM,  64GB Memory, 10 meter IR night vision, 120 angle view, 3.5” HD display and real-time video streaming; it’s a pioneer in wearable surveillance technology. To enhance the safety of both security officers and the public, discover more👉

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A revolutionary video recording system, the WatchDog DOC 9 BodyWorn Camera is a pioneer in wearable surveillance technology. Featuring 64G storage capacity, full HD 1080p video, instant playback and night capturing; the device is a tool to aid evidentiary outcomes, enhance the safety of, and improve interactions between security officers and the public. Discover more👉

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The WatchDog DOC 9 Body Worn Camera is a state-of-the art video recording system. Designed for law enforcement and private security officers, the device features a 64G storage capacity and will record high resolution footage. Ideal for gathering evidence or recording interactions, it’s the ultimate wearable surveillance solution. Discover more👉

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Watchdog DOC9

Have an extra set of eyes on board with WatchDog. The tamper-proof Doc 9 surveillance camera provides high-quality body-worn recording with a storage capacity of 64GB. Get your quote today:

Watchdog Doc 9

Perfect for security and law enforcement applications, the WatchDog Doc 9 brings HD video recording to last for 12 hour shift. Password protection prevents unauthorised access or tampering with recorded files

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WatchDog Doc9

Avoid the “he said, she said” with the latest in body worn surveillance from WatchDog. Ideal for security and law enforcement officers, records can’t be deleted or edited without admin access. The Doc9 can be used as a body cam, dash cam or action camera in both day and night settings. Find out more here

Watchdog Doc9

The WatchDog Doc9 is a body worn surveillance camera for both security applications and law enforcement. Supporting Full HD 1080 video recording, this video recorder hosts 2 infrared lights for low light or night vision recording. Find out more about this easy to operate camera here

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