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Magicard printers feature pioneering technology that will improve efficiency and productivity, as well as protect and secure your organisation. Featuring a built-in security feature called HoloKote, our Neo range ensures a secure watermark is printed on each card’s surface; ensuring our cards are impossible to clone. For safe full colour access control cards, student cards, ID badges, membership cards and more, browse the range👉

Sigma Printers

Sigma ID card printers represent the next generation of direct-to-card printing. Simple, secure and smart; Sigma printers feature revolutionary technology such as an intuitive printer dashboard, anti-tamper and counterfeit features, on-premises or cloud-hosted deployment and so much more. For the world’s most advanced ID card solution, browse our range here  👉


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Used for gaining access or verifying individuals, cards are the global standard for identity. To ensure our personal information is secure, Magicard is leading the way in built-in security features. All printers include the HoloKote visual security system; allowing a secure watermark to be printed on the card’s surface. For safe full colour access control cards, ID badges, membership cards, student cards and more, browse the range👉 

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Magicard is world-renowned for its advanced printing technology. All printers feature Holokote, a built-in security feature which prints a secure watermark on the card’s surface; ensuring no-one can clone your card. For secure full colour access control cards, student cards, ID badges, membership cards and more, browse the range👉

Your One Stop Shop

Your one stop shop for safety and security equipment 💪 With over 40 years of experience and distribution partnerships with safety giants  Garrett, Magicard, Watchdog and more; we pride ourselves in being the leading supplier of security, safety and identification solutions on the continent. Explore our selection of world-renowned brands here 👉

ID Card Printing

A pioneer in ID card printing technologies. Magicard is distinguished for an array of built-in security features including the HoloKote secure watermark, and the ability to encode smart cards in-line with printing. Print full colour ID badges, access control cards, membership cards, student cards and so much more 👉

ID Card Printers

Print full-colour photo ID badges, membership cards, smart cards, access control badges and more. With seven printer brands ranging from entry-level to professional; at Doculam we’re confident we’ll find your perfect fit. Browse our selection here:

Professional ID card printers

Powerful printing put to the test. We stock a variety of professional ID card printers for medium to large runs using the most advanced encoding technologies. For top-quality ID cards in seconds, get a quote today:

ID card printers

Speedy, user-friendly ID card printing for your medium-sized business. From Magicard to Fargo, we supply a wide range of ID card printing solutions to suit your budget and security requirements:

ID card printers

Looking for a cost-effective ID card printing solution? We stock a wide range of entry-level printers that provide professional-quality colour badges and ID cards with ease. Don’t delay, get printing today: