Garrett Metal Detectors

Your favourite Garrett metal detectors back in stock! Built with superior pinpoint technology and unmatched discrimination features; browse our walk-through and hand held detector options right here 👉


Hand-held metal detectors

Garrett hand-held metal detectors are globally trusted for their expert ability to pinpoint metallic objects with extreme accuracy. From rechargeable or battery operated options to self-calibrating technology; discover and shop the range online 👉


Garrett PD6500i

The Garrett PD6500i is the world’s highest-performing walk-through metal detector with uniform detection and precise pinpointing. With the ability to target concealed objects in 33 zones, its unmatched discrimination features will boost the safety and security of any size venue. Discover more 👉 

With an impressive list of security features, Garrett metal detectors are synonymous worldwide with safety and reliability. Used to accurately locate and identify hidden objects for any size venue, click to explore the Garrett range right here 👉

Garrett Walk-through Metal Detectors

Built with superior pinpoint technology and unmatched discrimination features, Garrett Walk-through Metal Detectors offer safety, security, and peace of mind for any size venue. Reliable, precise and trusted worldwide, explore our range here 👉