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Garrett hand-held metal detectors are world-renowned for precision in metal detection. Used to accurately identify and pinpoint metallic objects; our detectors offer a range of different features. With rechargeable or battery operated options, a 360 degree detection field, dual alarm modes and self-calibrating technology; there’s a metal detector for every situation. Explore the range 👉


Garrett metal detectors




























The worldwide leader in metal detection technology; Garrett metal detectors provide accurate and high-sensitive metal detection. Whether used as a primary or secondary screening tool, Garrett hand-held metal detectors can precisely identify and pinpoint metallic objects. For guaranteed security and reliability, explore the range here 👉

Metal Detectors



















Synonymous with maximum security and reliability, Garrett hand-held metal detectors are self-calibrating and proven to accurately screen for objects and pinpoint metallic items.  Browse our world-class selection here👉

Garrett Handheld

World renowned for providing accurate, high-sensitive metal detection; Garrett hand-held metal detectors can be used as primary or secondary screening tool to identify objects detected by walk through detectors. For maximum security and reliability, explore our range of Garrett metal detectors here 👉




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If you’re looking for a handheld for high security situations with maximum sensitivity and reliability then the Garrett Super Scanner is the security wand for you. Proven to accurately detect concealed metallic items the Garrett Super Scanner has been the world leader in handheld security wands for over 25 years. Get the specs here.

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Event safety and security is often overlooked, and pre-event planning is imperative to a smooth operation. James Tobin from Event Control Ireland talks event security and the top questions to consider when pre-planning your event here.

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