Watchdog body-worn cameras are designed to seamlessly integrate into existing security systems. These state-of-the-art cameras facilitate instant playback, night capturing, and feature robust designs.

Watchdog Doc20

Linking to any ONVIF compatible CCTV system via WiFi, the Watchdog DOC 20 offers the latest in mobile surveillance technology. Featuring a 2-inch LCD screen, 140’ wide-angle lens, and built-in GPS; this device will enhance the safety of both the public and security personnel 👉

WatchDog Doc 9

Featuring 64G storage capacity, a 140’ wide-angle lens, night vision and 12hrs of continuous recording at 1080p; the WatchDog DOC 9 is a revolutionary surveillance solution. Designed to raise overall safety by recording interactions and gathering security evidence; grab this state-of-the-art Body Worn Camera right here 👉

Watchdog Pro










A pioneer in wearable surveillance technology, the WatchDog Pro Live was tailor-made for law enforcement and high-end security applications. Featuring 64GB memory, a 120’ angle view, real-time streaming and 2-way audio; this device will enhance safety and improve interactions between security personnel and the public 👉

WatchDog DOC 9

Equipped with 64G storage capacity, a 140’ wide-angle lens, 12hr continuous recording at 1080p and night capturing capabilities; the WatchDog DOC 9 is a pioneer in wearable surveillance technology. Designed for recording interactions or gathering evidence; you’ll instantly improve the safety of your security officers and the public. Learn more 👉

Watchdog DOC 20

With ONVIF Protocol capabilities, the Watchdog DOC 20 is able to connect to a range of different security applications and compatible CCTV systems via WiFi. Featuring a 140’ wide angle lens, built-in GPS and a 2-inch LCD screen; it’s the ultimate wearable surveillance solution. Discover more 👉