MagTouch is an in-house brand, assembled by Doculam and distributed throughout Africa. If it’s durability and reliability you are looking for, please beware of imitation brands. Each MagTouch kit contains a patrol baton and pouch, 10 x ID checkpoints, software and an upload station. Points are placed along your desired patrol routes and your security guards transact by touching the batons against the points. Once the baton information is downloaded via the upload station to the MagTouch software, reports are easily emailed to supervisors and customers. Your system can also be moved from site to site once contracts expire or change. Once you buy your first starter kit, the software license allows you to reload on as many site PCs as needed. The durable patrol baton contains a high-capacity battery with a lifespan of up to 5 years. All baton repairs and services are provided by Doculam at affordable rates.