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Discover the premium supplier in safety and security solutions. From metal detectors to ID card printers, to body-worn surveillance and more click here. 

Doculam Product Range 2

Don’t get left behind with the constant innovation changes of security and safety solutions technology. From ID card printers to metal detectors to body worn surveillance cameras, Doculam offers solutions from long standing international and local brands. Find out more here


Magtouch ensures full coverage of your site with a visual security guard profile. Providing an inexpensive portable time and attendance system, the Magtouch helps you monitor your security, safety and maintenance routes anywhere at anytime, as long as you have access to the internet. Browse our range to find out more

Product Range

It’s a fast moving industry in security and technology, and Doculam keeps pace so you don’t have to. We source an array of leading local and international brands, conveniently available under one roof. Click here to find out more.

Magtouch Baton

Monitor your guards on the clock with the Magtouch baton and starter kit. The baton serves as a tracking device, storing the date, time and clock-in location of your guard. With a high capacity battery that lasts up to 8 years and a 1 year warranty on the device

Mining Security Sector

As industry leaders in the mining security sector, we pride ourselves on a broad range of solutions for a safe and secure work environment. Find out how we can help by making an enquiry online

Keep your guards in-check!

Staff will pack up for the holidays but security patrol is always on the clock. Keep tabs on your team with a wireless guard monitoring system from MagTouch. Guards patrol and clock points along their route using the Suga Blu baton. Clocking data is then automatically sent to the server for real-time tracking. To make sure your premises is secured this festive season, make an enquiry here.