Magicard 600 NEO

The Magicard 600 NEO is a world-class ID printing solution that delivers faster print speeds, stringent security and the finest detail. With a wide colour spectrum for a truer representation of the subject, this machine is capable of printing up to 190 cards in full colour and up to 750 cards in monochrome per hour. The 600 Neo offers unrivalled security features with HoloKote® watermark technology, making your customised cards impossible to clone. Thanks to Digital Shredding™, your printing data is also 100% irrecoverable after print. Complete with a 3-year limited warranty, now is the perfect time to step up your ID Card Printing with Magicard! 

Securing the Future of your Business

For more than 4 decades, Doculam has kept pace with the evolving technology of the security industry globally. As the leading supplier of ID Card Printers, Metal Detectors, Breathalysers, Guard Monitoring Systems and Body Cams in Southern Africa, we pride ourselves on upholding the reputation of our brands as well as the service and support we offer around them. Trust Doculam to equip your business with the latest tech  because when the industry needs change, we change too 💪 

60 Years of Superior Safety

Garrett has recently celebrated its 60-year milestone as the market leader in the security industry establishing itself as the preferred partner for public safety at events, international airports, hotels, government buildings and correctional facilities around the world. From the unparalleled precision of their walk-through detectors to the unrivalled accuracy of their hand-held scanners Doculam is proudly the official agent for Garrett in SADC and upholds all product warranties as well as service repairs. Explore the range today!

For a Rock-Solid Operation

Reduce the risk of alcohol-related mishaps in the mining industry with the fastest breathalysers on the market. The Alcofind AF100P is designed for simple operation, easy flagging and rapid turnaround times between testing. A uniquely designed blow cap reduces blowback considerably, offering enhanced protection for the examiner conducting the breath sample test. The large rechargeable battery is designed to produce up to 16 hours of testing on a full charge. Calibration reminders can also be set on the machine, for accurate testing. Doculam is the official agent of Alcofind products in South Africa; offering full service, repairs and calibrations. We also uphold all warranties. Protect your workforce with the best in breathalysing technology today.

One Step Ahead of the Game

Step up your guard monitoring team with MagTouch — an in-house brand, assembled by Doculam and distributed throughout Africa. Each MagTouch kit contains a patrol baton and pouch, 10 x ID checkpoints, accompanying software and an upload station. Points are placed along your desired patrol routes and security guards transact by touching the batons against the points. Once the baton information is downloaded via the upload station to the MagTouch software, reports are easily emailed to supervisors and customers. Sleep easy with a high-capacity battery stretching a 5-year lifespan. Your system can also be moved from site to site once contracts expire or change. All baton repairs and services are provided by Doculam at affordable rates.

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Protect with Precision

For 45 years, Doculam has played a pivotal role in providing superior quality products and services to Africa. As the official agents of Magicard, Garrett, Alcovisor, MagTouch and WatchDog brands, we are able to offer service repairs while upholding all product warranties. From ID Card Printers, to Metal Detectors, to Breathalysers, to Guard Monitoring and Body Cams — speak to Doculam about these services and more.

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Adding a Face to Healthcare

Access card security is an important feature in the hospital industry for a number of reasons. Staff IDs reassure a patient who they are dealing with, patients themselves need to be easily identified and only appropriate visitors should be granted entry to wards. Magicard’s range of ID card printers is a trusted solution, able to print up to 10,000 cards annually while boosting security with the HoloKote® watermark. As an official Magicard distributor in Southern Africa, Doculam ensures local service and support for all of our customers.

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Happy Easter

Wishing you all a safe and blessed Easter weekend 💛

Protect and Serve

Since 1979, Doculam has been dedicated to sourcing and delivering quality products in the safety and security industries. As the official distributor of Garrett, Alcovisor, MagTouch, WatchDog & Magicard ID Card printers in Southern Africa, Doculam is one of a few companies that still offer after-sales technical service and support while upholding all warranties. Speak to us and enhance your security standards with the industry’s best today!

Road Safety Season

Easter weekend is fast approaching; a crucial time of year for road safety in our country. Doculam is the official agent of Alcovisor products in South Africa, whether for personal, industrial or law enforcement use. Your one stop shop for purchasing, product servicing, repairs and calibrations, all while upholding warranties. Explore the range.