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Since 1979, Doculam has been at the forefront of the Identification, safety and security industry. With sales representation in all four major cities and our trusted workshops and technical division, you can trust Doculam to uphold product warranties, without the worry. Providing superior, quality products and services to Africa for 45 years. Explore our range of top-selling ID card printers, metal detectors, breathalysers, guard patrol systems, body-worn cameras, and more.

Garret PD6500i

Step into a new era of security with the PD 6500i™ walk-through metal detector. Boasting four times more detection coils than its competitors, it ensures precise pinpointing and uniform detection. The independent zone indicator lights not only reveal height but also left, centre, and right locations, making it unparalleled in accuracy. No wires, no hassle – perfect for swift deployment at events, stadiums, schools and large venues. Trusted globally in international airports, hotels, government buildings and correctional facilities, the PD 6500i™ stands out with advanced networking and 33 detection zones. Doculam has supplied Garrett to Sub-Saharan Africa for over 30 years and continues to offer service and support while upholding all warranties. Elevate your security standards with the industry’s best.  Get your quote today

Not Just a Card Trick

Discover cutting-edge ID printing with the Magicard 300NEO and Magicard 100NEO. The 300NEO boosts security with the HoloKote® watermark, making it ideal for schools and businesses printing up to 10,000 cards annually. If you’re looking for speed, the Magicard 100NEO is your entry-level powerhouse.  As an exclusive Magicard distributor in Africa, Doculam ensures local service and support for all users. Explore the range of Magicard ID card printers and request your quote today!

Step up your security in 2024



Time to update your business security in 2024? Doculam is the leading supplier of safety and security equipment in Southern Africa. Make the smart choice, with a company who can uphold all product warranties as well as service repairs for your business. Explore our top sellers in ID Card Printers, Metal Detectors, Breathalysers, Guard Monitoring, Body Cameras and more.

We are Open


Happy New Year to all our customers. Our offices open today for trading, and we look forward to being of service to you in 2024! Explore our top sellers in ID Card Printers, Metal Detectors, Breathalysers, Guard Monitoring, Body Cameras and more.

Last Orders for 2023

Our team will soon be taking a break for the festive period. Please get in touch for last orders by COB today. Requests received after these dates will be queued for next year. Explore our extensive range of security products and access control equipment today.

Putting Safety in Focus

Are you looking to upgrade your secure access and safety measures for the new year? Doculam are a leading supplier of ID Card Printers, Metal Detectors, Breathalysers, Guard Monitoring, and Body Cameras; so speak to us about these products and more.

Your Trusted Security Partner

As the official distributor of Magicard, Garrett, Alcovisor, MagTouch and WatchDog tech in Southern Africa, we offer service repair and uphold all product warranties. If you would like to place an order or book a service with Doculam, kindly note the following deadlines. 

Last Orders 19 Dec

Last Repairs 14 Dec

Closing 21 Dec

Opening 9 Jan

Black November Sale

Our Black November sale has landed, and there has never been a better time to upgrade your business security for less⚡ Browse these unmissable deals from some of the most trusted names in the game.

Garrett PD6500i

Your Gateway to Safety

The Garrett PD6500i meets the world’s highest test certifications and is often utilised at the Olympic games, airports, courthouses, prisons, schools, and other special events. Featuring up to 200 distinct sensitivity levels and 33 pinpoint zones, it has never been easier to identify multiple target locations precisely on the body. The PD 6500i is the walk-through of choice for public safety and event security professionals worldwide.  Get your quote today.