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Magicard printers feature pioneering technology that will improve efficiency and productivity, as well as protect and secure your organisation. Featuring a built-in security feature called HoloKote, our Neo range ensures a secure watermark is printed on each card’s surface; ensuring our cards are impossible to clone. For safe full colour access control cards, student cards, ID badges, membership cards and more, browse the range👉

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Used for gaining access or verifying individuals, cards are the global standard for identity. To ensure our personal information is secure, Magicard is leading the way in built-in security features. All printers include the HoloKote visual security system; allowing a secure watermark to be printed on the card’s surface. For safe full colour access control cards, ID badges, membership cards, student cards and more, browse the range👉 

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Magicard is world-renowned for its advanced printing technology. All printers feature Holokote, a built-in security feature which prints a secure watermark on the card’s surface; ensuring no-one can clone your card. For secure full colour access control cards, student cards, ID badges, membership cards and more, browse the range👉

ID Card Printing

A pioneer in ID card printing technologies. Magicard is distinguished for an array of built-in security features including the HoloKote secure watermark, and the ability to encode smart cards in-line with printing. Print full colour ID badges, access control cards, membership cards, student cards and so much more 👉

Professional ID card printers

Powerful printing put to the test. We stock a variety of professional ID card printers for medium to large runs using the most advanced encoding technologies. For top-quality ID cards in seconds, get a quote today:

Magicard NEO

Connectivity intelligence and custom security features ensure top-notch ID card printing for large organizations. High volume and superior quality printing with the Magicard 360NEO

Magicard Printing

From entry level to professional high volume, high-speed printing, Magicard offers a range of reliable ID card printing that you can trust to get the job done. Find out more here


High quality ID card printers for every budget, business and application. Magicard printers are great for printing high quality cards from visual IDs to access control and financial cards. With options ranging from essential to high definition ID card printing, we stock it all. Enquire online today:

Doculam has you covered

Stay abreast with the ever increasing pace and development of technology by sourcing only the best solutions from long standing international and local brands. Get the latest in ID card printing, guard monitoring, body worn surveillance and so much more. For all your need requirements, click here 

ID Card Printing

Doculam offer a range of ID card solutions and brands. From high volume, high speed printing to compact hand fed designs for lower volumes. Our newly formed relationships make us the most competitively priced card solution and consumable provider in the industry. Find your best fit here