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Whether it’s for corporate, security or personal use, Doculam is the leading supplier of Alcohol Breathalysers in South Africa. From high volume, rapid testing to cost-effective pinpoint accuracy, find the breathalyser that suits your requirements here.

About Doculam

Here at Doculam we strive to stay abreast with the ever increasing pace and development of technology to deliver only top-notch solutions for our clients needs. For 39 years, we have sourced only the best in identification, safety and security solutions, supporting our long standing international and global brands. Find out more here

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Don’t get left behind with the constant innovation changes of security and safety solutions technology. From ID card printers to metal detectors to body worn surveillance cameras, Doculam offers solutions from long standing international and local brands. Find out more here


Extreme accuracy, long stable lifespan and rapid quick testing are only some of the reasons why our breathalysers are adopted by police forces all over the world. Learn more about these easy to operate, user friendly devices here

Product Range

It’s a fast moving industry in security and technology, and Doculam keeps pace so you don’t have to. We source an array of leading local and international brands, conveniently available under one roof. Click here to find out more.

Product Range

Specialising in safety and security solutions, Doculam is a trusted partner in the workplace. From easy-to-use breathalyzers to body worn surveillance cameras, ID card printers to metal detectors, browse our range to find out more here


Safety is paramount when working with complex and demanding equipment. Our reliable and easy-to-use breathalyzers can help prevent dangerous situations and ensure the workforce is in the correct state of mind on-site . Browse our leading range online or get in touch for more information here

Mining Security Sector

As industry leaders in the mining security sector, we pride ourselves on a broad range of solutions for a safe and secure work environment. Find out how we can help by making an enquiry online

We’ve got the festive season covered!

As a leading supplier of breathalysers in Africa, we’ve got the festive season covered. Specialising in high volume, rapid testing for workplace applications, as well as pinpoint accuracy for road blocks and public safety. Browse the range or make an enquiry online.