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Built to produce secure ID cards in high volumes, our powerful Magicard range is perfect for Universities, Colleges or any higher-education institutions.  Superior access cards for legitimate identification purposes. Discover the world-renowned Magicard 360 NEO and 100NEO today.

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While both the Magicard 360 Neo and 100 Neo printers are world-renowned for their expert ID card printing technology; here’s how they differ 👀 😊⁣

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Magicard Printers (Neo360 & P100 Neo)

With built-in visual security called HoloKote, our state-of-the-art Neo range prints a secure watermark on each cards surface making it impossible to clone. From full colour ID badges to membership cards and so much more; discover the Magicard 360 NEO and 100NEO printers online 👉