Fueled by irritants, the Byrna is a powerful CO2-powered personal security device. With no firearm licenses or background checks required, the Byrna boasts an easy-to-use and lightweight design. Discover this pioneer in self-defence devices for men and women of all ages and abilities👉

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Your one stop shop for safety and security equipment 💪 With over 40 years of experience and distribution partnerships with safety giants  Garrett, Magicard, Watchdog and more; we pride ourselves in being the leading supplier of security, safety and identification solutions on the continent. Explore our selection of world-renowned brands here 👉

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World renowned for providing accurate, high-sensitive metal detection; Garrett hand-held metal detectors can be used as primary or secondary screening tool to identify objects detected by walk through detectors. For maximum security and reliability, explore our range of Garrett metal detectors here 👉




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Stay abreast with the ever increasing pace and development of technology by sourcing only the best solutions from long standing international and local brands. Get the latest in ID card printing, guard monitoring, body worn surveillance and so much more. For all your need requirements, click here 

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