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Doculam is proud to offer one of the most extensive ranges of alcohol breathalysers in Southern Africa. The Alcohol Phoebus features an Android-based operating system as well as WiFi capabilities. The on-screen display enables safety awareness videos for the purpose of training and educating staff. View the specs.


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Supplying you with the latest in ID card printing, metal detectors, alcohol breathalysers, guard monitoring, body worn surveillance and so much more. Your one stop shop for safety and security equipment on the African continent. Explore the range online.

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Two of our best selling breathalysers, suited to very different applications. Whether it’s for personal, Industrial or Law enforcement use, we cater for a variety of needs with calibration, training, and after-sales services available 👉


FAQ: Mark X

Q: Do breathalysers require recalibration?

A: Yes they do — the Mark X Calibration intervals, Standard test mode – once a year or 1000 positive tests (whichever comes first), Screening mode – once a year or 3500 positive tests (whichever comes first) 👍 That’s why it’s never been more important to choose a supplier with excellent after-sales service.


Alcohol Breathalysers

Ideal for industrial, law-enforcement, business or personal use, our expert range of alcohol breathalysers were designed to enhance the productivity and protection of any workforce. Offering after-sales services, calibration and training; explore and shop our full range online 👉

Alcohol Breathalysers

Offering the widest range of reputable alcohol breathalysers in Africa, Doculam is proud to cater to all industrial, law enforcement, or personal needs. With after-sales services, calibrations and training available, you can successfully enhance the productivity and safety of your workforce. Discover more 👉

Alcovisor Mark X

The Alcovisor Mark X is one of the newest and most innovative fuel cell breathalysers on the market. Known for its speed, exceptional accuracy and the ability to retain calibration over thousands of tests; you’ll instantly improve the safety and productivity of your workforce. Discover more 👉


Doculam is the leading supplier of Alcohol Breathalysers in South Africa. Whether for personal, Industrial or Law enforcement; we cater for a range of applications.  Calibration & training offered. After-sales services are available. Click to browse the range 👉




















Effectively improve the safety and productivity of your workforce with our world-renowned breathalysers. Whether it’s for law enforcement, personal or industrial needs, Doculam is proud to supply advanced, accurate and cost-effective solutions. Browse our extensive range of alcohol breathalysers here 👉