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We’re back and open for business! We trust you’ve had a wonderful holiday season and are ready to join us as we take on the new year. Doculam is proud to be South Africa’s one-stop-shop in safety and security solutions, servicing both local and international customers with our long standing brands. 


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From universities, to work complexes to gym facilities and more, access cards have become the ubiquitous global standard for identity. That’s why our Neo range features HoloKote, a built-in security feature which prints a secure watermark on the card’s surface; ensuring it’s safe from cloning. For trusted ID cards that improve efficiency and secure your organisation, browse the range here 👉

Magicard Printers



















Magicard printers feature pioneering technology that will improve efficiency and productivity, as well as protect and secure your organisation. Featuring a built-in security feature called HoloKote, our Neo range ensures a secure watermark is printed on each card’s surface; ensuring our cards are impossible to clone. For safe full colour access control cards, student cards, ID badges, membership cards and more, browse the range👉

Sigma Printers

Sigma ID card printers represent the next generation of direct-to-card printing. Simple, secure and smart; Sigma printers feature revolutionary technology such as an intuitive printer dashboard, anti-tamper and counterfeit features, on-premises or cloud-hosted deployment and so much more. For the world’s most advanced ID card solution, browse our range here  👉


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Used for gaining access or verifying individuals, cards are the global standard for identity. To ensure our personal information is secure, Magicard is leading the way in built-in security features. All printers include the HoloKote visual security system; allowing a secure watermark to be printed on the card’s surface. For safe full colour access control cards, ID badges, membership cards, student cards and more, browse the range👉 

ID Card Printers

Print full-colour photo ID badges, membership cards, smart cards, access control badges and more. With seven printer brands ranging from entry-level to professional; at Doculam we’re confident we’ll find your perfect fit. Browse our selection here:


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Metal Detectors

The Garrett Super Scanner has been the world leader in handheld security wands for well over 25 years. Proven to accurately detect concealed metallic items, Garrett has become synonymous with maximum security and reliability. And if high volumes of foot traffic dictate a more automated approach – don’t miss our world-class selection of walk-through detectors.

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A leading supplier of identification, security and safety solutions, for over 40 years. Browse our selection of world-renowned brands like Garrett, Magicard, WatchDog, MagTouch and more. Get your quote today:

Feb Special

From breathalysers to metal detectors, this week is your last chance to grab unbelievable savings at Doculam: 

–  20% off – WatchDog Body Worn Camera

–  15% off – Garrett Superwand, Superscanner V,  Superscanner & THD Hand-Held Detectors

–  15% off – Mark X & Alcofind Breathalysers 

–  5% off – Garrett PD6500i Walk-Through Detector

–  10% off – Mercury Breathalyser

–  Discounts on the Magicard Enduro Neo Duo Kit and Rio Neo Duo Kit 

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*This special is for South African based companies only. All pricing excludes VAT. Pricing does not include delivery or installations  if required.