Holiday time

Thank you to all of our loyal customers and hard working staff for a successful past year 🙏 The doculam team will be back from holiday 5-Jan 2022.  


Wishing everyone a happy and healthy festive season ahead 🎄

Last orders

Last call to place your orders online and have them delivered before the holidays 🎁🎄 doculam deliveries will be closed from 22-Dec and will resume from 5-Jan 👉

Mag Touch Launch

We are very proud to announce that Norbert Rohl, founder of the Mag Touch guard monitoring product in SA, has appointed doculam as the official agents to assemble and distribute the Mag Touch brand throughout Africa. Although doculam has been distributing the brand for many years, this new role will allow us to move the product in-house to better manage, build and support all Mag Touch products.


Improvements to the current design will see a smaller and more lightweight baton being produced. This will offer better portability while creating a more compact housing for the electronics to further enhance durability. As the communication protocol has not changed, new batons, checkpoints and software will continue to work with existing systems.



Garrett Metal Detectors



















With rechargeable or battery operated options, a 360 degree detection field, dual alarm modes and self-calibrating technology; Garrett hand-held metal detectors are the gold standard of metal detection technology. To accurately identify and pinpoint metallic objects, explore the range  👉

Watchdog DOC 20










The future of surveillance technology is here. With ONVIF capabilities, the Watchdog DOC 20 is able to connect to various different security applications and compatible CCTV systems via WIFI. To enhance the safety of both security officers and the public, discover more👉




















Effectively improve the safety and productivity of your workforce with our world-renowned breathalysers. Whether it’s for law enforcement, personal or industrial needs, Doculam is proud to supply advanced, accurate and cost-effective solutions. Browse our extensive range of alcohol breathalysers here 👉

Magicard Printers











From universities, to work complexes to gym facilities and more, access cards have become the ubiquitous global standard for identity. That’s why our Neo range features HoloKote, a built-in security feature which prints a secure watermark on the card’s surface; ensuring it’s safe from cloning. For trusted ID cards that improve efficiency and secure your organisation, browse the range here 👉

Metal Detectors

Trusted worldwide, Garrett is synonymous with security and reliability. Featuring self-calibrating technology, 360° detection fields, automatic tuning and dual alarm modes; Garrett hand-held metal detectors are renowned for precisely identifying and pinpointing metallic objects. Browse the range 👉


Fueled by irritants, the Byrna is a powerful CO2-powered personal security device. With no firearm licenses or background checks required, the Byrna boasts an easy-to-use and lightweight design. Discover this pioneer in self-defence devices for men and women of all ages and abilities👉



















Boasting the most comprehensive range of alcohol breathalysers in Southern Africa, with after-sales services, calibration and training on offer; Doculam is proud to cater to all industrial, law-enforcement, business or personal needs. Browse our range of reputable breathalysers here, including COVID compliant disposable mouth pieces 👉