The state-of-the art 360 NEO

The state-of-the art 360 NEO is a powerful way to create secure ID cards in high volumes. Each printer comes with one free custom key HoloKote®, allowing you to put your company logo on the surface of the card for extra security. Each full colour card can be printed in under 19 seconds giving the 360 NEO the ability to print up to 190 cards per hour. All encoding options are available depending on your encoding requirements.


Doculam is the official Distributor of Magicard (Neo) in Southern and Central Africa. See the specs of the 360 NEO.

Mag Touch Kit

Featuring a smaller and more lightweight baton, the newly improved Magtouch Kit offers better portability while creating a more compact housing to further enhance durability. Tough and robust, discover the newly modified patrol kit online here 👉

Alcovisor Mark X

The Alcovisor Mark X is one of the newest and most innovative fuel cell breathalysers on the market. Known for its speed, exceptional accuracy and the ability to retain calibration over thousands of tests; you’ll instantly improve the safety and productivity of your workforce. Discover more 👉

Watchdog DOC 20

With ONVIF Protocol capabilities, the Watchdog DOC 20 is able to connect to a range of different security applications and compatible CCTV systems via WiFi. Featuring a 140’ wide angle lens, built-in GPS and a 2-inch LCD screen; it’s the ultimate wearable surveillance solution. Discover more 👉

Magtouch Kit

A product update you’ll love. The newly enhanced Magtouch will see a smaller and more lightweight baton being produced. This improvement will offer better portability while creating a more compact housing for the electronics to further enhance durability. As the official African Magtouch distributors; we’re excited to unroll the modified guard monitoring kit here 👉

Magicard 360 NEO dual sided printer

World-renowned for its advanced printing technology, the Magicard 360 NEO dual sided printer is a powerful way to create secure ID cards in high volumes. With a built-in security feature called HoloKote; each card’s surface is printed with a secure watermark to ensure it’s safe from cloning. Discover more 👉

Hand held metal detectors

Used to accurately identify and locate metallic objects, Garrets hand held metal detectors are globally trusted for their precise technology. Featuring rechargeable or battery operated options, a 360’ detection field, dual alarm modes and more; discover our world renowned range here 👉

Watchdog Pro

With 120’ angle view, 3.5” HD display, 10 meter IR night vision, and triple camera support; the Watchdog Pro Live is a state-of-the-art surveillance solution. Designed to gather evidence or record interactions in extremely low light conditions, it’s guaranteed to increase the safety of both security personnel and the public. Discover more 👉


Doculam is the leading supplier of Alcohol Breathalysers in South Africa. Whether for personal, Industrial or Law enforcement; we cater for a range of applications.  Calibration & training offered. After-sales services are available. Click to browse the range 👉

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