Safety is paramount when working with complex and demanding equipment. Our reliable and easy-to-use breathalyzers can help prevent dangerous situations and ensure the workforce is in the correct state of mind on-site . Browse our leading range online or get in touch for more information here

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As industry leaders in the mining security sector, we pride ourselves on a broad range of solutions for a safe and secure work environment. Find out how we can help by making an enquiry online

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We believe that safety and security should be of utmost importance, especially at the workplace and at public places. Browse our range of products online and make an enquiry:

We’ve got the festive season covered!

As a leading supplier of breathalysers in Africa, we’ve got the festive season covered. Specialising in high volume, rapid testing for workplace applications, as well as pinpoint accuracy for road blocks and public safety. Browse the range or make an enquiry online.