Fueled by irritants, the Byrna is a powerful CO2-powered personal security device. With no firearm licenses or background checks required, the Byrna boasts an easy-to-use and lightweight design. Discover this pioneer in self-defence devices for men and women of all ages and abilities👉



















Boasting the most comprehensive range of alcohol breathalysers in Southern Africa, with after-sales services, calibration and training on offer; Doculam is proud to cater to all industrial, law-enforcement, business or personal needs. Browse our range of reputable breathalysers here, including COVID compliant disposable mouth pieces 👉

Magicard Printers



















Magicard printers feature pioneering technology that will improve efficiency and productivity, as well as protect and secure your organisation. Featuring a built-in security feature called HoloKote, our Neo range ensures a secure watermark is printed on each card’s surface; ensuring our cards are impossible to clone. For safe full colour access control cards, student cards, ID badges, membership cards and more, browse the range👉

Garrett Metal Detectors



























Garrett hand-held metal detectors are world-renowned for precision in metal detection. Used to accurately identify and pinpoint metallic objects; our detectors offer a range of different features. With rechargeable or battery operated options, a 360 degree detection field, dual alarm modes and self-calibrating technology; there’s a metal detector for every situation. Explore the range 👉


WatchDog Pro


















The Watchdog Pro is a high-end full HD Body Worn Camera solution tailor-made for law enforcement. Featuring 2GB RAM,  64GB Memory, 10 meter IR night vision, 120 angle view, 3.5” HD display and real-time video streaming; it’s a pioneer in wearable surveillance technology. To enhance the safety of both security officers and the public, discover more👉

Alcohol Breathalysers



























Doculam is proud to offer the most extensive range of alcohol breathalysers in South Africa. With after-sales services, calibration and training offered; you can easily improve the safety and productivity of your workforce. For industrial, law-enforcement, business or personal solutions, browse our range of world-renowned breathalysers here


Sigma Printers

Sigma ID card printers represent the next generation of direct-to-card printing. Simple, secure and smart; Sigma printers feature revolutionary technology such as an intuitive printer dashboard, anti-tamper and counterfeit features, on-premises or cloud-hosted deployment and so much more. For the world’s most advanced ID card solution, browse our range here  👉


ID Card printers



























Used for gaining access or verifying individuals, cards are the global standard for identity. To ensure our personal information is secure, Magicard is leading the way in built-in security features. All printers include the HoloKote visual security system; allowing a secure watermark to be printed on the card’s surface. For safe full colour access control cards, ID badges, membership cards, student cards and more, browse the range👉 

Garrett metal detectors




























The worldwide leader in metal detection technology; Garrett metal detectors provide accurate and high-sensitive metal detection. Whether used as a primary or secondary screening tool, Garrett hand-held metal detectors can precisely identify and pinpoint metallic objects. For guaranteed security and reliability, explore the range here 👉

WatchDog DOC 9



















A revolutionary video recording system, the WatchDog DOC 9 BodyWorn Camera is a pioneer in wearable surveillance technology. Featuring 64G storage capacity, full HD 1080p video, instant playback and night capturing; the device is a tool to aid evidentiary outcomes, enhance the safety of, and improve interactions between security officers and the public. Discover more👉